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Converting Personality into Design

After working in the marketing field for 20 years, Di Taylor left her job to project manage the build of her family home. She could not have imagined enjoying a process any more and discovered a deep passion for interior design and decorating. Once moving into her wonderful home, the fun continued! Light and space were two key requirements in her home design, followed by flow and ease of living. Larger rooms rather than too many rooms were planned purposely to encourage family gatherings rather than separation. The selection of artwork and ornaments represented places her family had lived or visited. Artwork of animals was chosen based on their favourite kinds - they are huge fans of llamas! It is from here Di developed her design philosophy:

FUNCTIONAL. Home is where you come to eat, sleep, rest, play and socialise, so it needs to work for your family unit, whether it be for one, two or more.

COMFORTABLE. Home needs to give you comfort, a place that says I’m yours to relax and just be you.

INVITING. Home is where you look forward to be, a space that you enter and instantly feel connected, happy and at peace.

YOURS. Home is yours to make home, fill it with your life stories and memories.

Your home design should communicate to you and make you feel connected. Contact Di Taylor Interiors to explore how you can add your personality into your home!

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